The new hi-tech eye of the Tennis Center Dishes

When there is to innovate and innovate, the Piatti Tennis Center is always in pole position. This is demonstrated by the many novelties of the season that is coming to an end, last but not least the partnership with Mojjo, an innovative fundamental system to give even more value to video analysis, which has always been one of the key aspects of the Piatti method. The technology, already widespread in many clubs around the world, has been integrated on the two indoor fields of the center, through the installation of two fixed cameras for each field, which continuously send images and statistics to a totem-display positioned on the side. In addition, through the use of the dedicated app, technicians can take certain actions directly with other devices (mobile or tablet), and from the position they prefer, so as to have an even more complete picture of the situation and also be able to focus on any kind of detail. "This is a system that our teachers use all the time - says Luigi Bertino, director of the Piatti Tennis Center -, both during the training sessions and to evaluate any aspects on which to intervene. It allows you to resume an entire training, analyze slow motion actions and discuss them in real time with the students, to expose the critical issues. Of course, at the end of each session all the work done remains archived, so that for each player there is a sort of personal archive that remains usable over time, and therefore becomes very useful to evaluate long-term progress".

But that’s not all, because the Mojjo system, in addition to common statistics such as game speed, rotations impressed on the ball and trajectories of the shots, makes the interactive fields also recording the rebound point of each ball, which allows you to provide a detailed map (a bit like in the TV graphics of the major circuit tournaments) of each shot played by one and the other player.

A service that becomes very useful also from a tactical point of view, since it allows the master to evaluate in real time how and where the shots are played in detail, with what depth and with what angle. "In doing so - Bertino says -, a teacher can immediately understand where to intervene and propose exercises designed to direct the student towards the desired result. It is a system already established and used in many academies, which we decided to marry even in Bordighera, immediately appreciating the simplicity of use".


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